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Recent News:

- Certificate of Deposits: Representing several people that are being denied redemption of their certificate of deposits from Seattle-First Bank, Rainier Bank, and other banks that issued certificate of deposits in the 1980’s.

- Bank Bonds: Filed federal lawsuit against Bank of America and Key Bank for the non-payment of bank bonds issued by Rainier Bank and Seattle-First National Bank (Seafirst Bank).

- Police Brutality: Representing an african american man injured after four police officers used a taser gun and K9 attack dog against him causing severe injuries. Click for news coverage: Excessive force in Kent, WA

- Reached favorable settlement against multi-party copyright infringement involving  New York Times, USA Today, CNN, Yahoo, and Reuters.

- Represented production company in cross licensing deal with RedBull Media House

- Advised and Drafted purchase agreement for sale of family owned business.

- Negotiated worldwide license agreement with National Geographic and

- Speaker at University of Washington School of Law - Legal & Start-up Tech Companies

- Negotiated and Drafted Pacifico Beer video license agreement for commercial advertisement produced by marketing agency GSD&M.

- Speaker at Seattle's Office of Film and Music Event - Legalities of flying drones, digital estate planning for musicians and filmmakers, Digital Millennium Copyright Act and fair use doctrine.

- Negotiated cross licensing deal with RedBull Media House.

- Successfully settled copyright infringement dispute related to rock icon Ian McLagan.

- Panel Speaker at Digital Hollywood, Maximizing Content Value - From Video to Entertainment and Information - Metadata, Content Farms, Syndication, Behavioral Search & Description.

- Speaker at UCFT Conference, Art of Dealmaking - Contract Negotiations with Chinese Partners

- Successfully settled copyright infringement dispute against Rolling Stone Magazine

- Drafted media licensing agreement with BBC.

- Filed lawsuit against Chiquita Banana.  The law suit includes violations of Washington's Consumer Protection Act, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Breach of Express Warranty.  Facts of the case include contamination of drinking water sources, pollution, and the murder of Miguel Ángel Ramírez Enríquez.  The full complaint can be accessed here.  For Seattle's KOMO News exclusive coverage click here.

- Speaker at NAB Futures, Standardizing Rights Management & Digital Content Licensing

- Drafted video footage licensing agreement used for Big Sean / Lil' Wayne rap video.

- Successfully settled copyright infringement dispute against Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

- Negotiated media licensing agreement with Universal Music.

- Entered settlement negotiations with Dole Foods.  Successfully settled consumer fraud case two weeks later.

- Filed lawsuit against Dole Banana.  The law suit included violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Breach of Express Warranty.  The complaint focused on the contamination of drinking water sources, the flooding of homes, and destruction of wetlands.  See exclusive story on Seattle's KOMO News:  David v. Goliath:  UW Student takes on Corporate Giant  

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