Attorney West Seattle has a history of successfully advising small and mid-sized  businesses through commercial litigation. Attorney West Seattle represents local businesses in disputes here in Washington, and in jurisdictions around the United States. Our firm is prepared to pursue claims in any jurisdiction your lawsuit is filed.

Litigation and Litigation Alternatives

Attorney West Seattle is a result driven commercial litigation firm.  We prosecute and also defend businesses in commercial litigation matters.   Attorney West Seattle understands that any commercial litigation can threaten the existence or continuation of a business.  Commercial litigation costs can be on the forefront of any business watching the bottom line, but in some cases, it is an expense that is necessary for continued operations and survival and even success. At Attorney West Seattle, we strive to provide exceptional legal services in a cost effective approach. Attorney West Seattle, consults with businesses to review practices and advise on litigation avoidance strategies. When there is threat of a lawsuit, Attorney West Seattle, can be called upon to help contain the dispute in an attempt to avoid litigation. If litigation is required, Attorney West Seattle will vigorously pursue your interests while seeking to minimize cost and expense through early resolution and alternative dispute resolution. If the matter does goes to trial, Attorney West Seattle, is the fighting advocate you want on your side.

1.  Partner Disputes

2. Breach of Contract

3. Employee Issues

4. Trade Secret and/or Intellectual Property Misappropriation 

5. Minority Shareholder Law Suit

Whether you need to defend a lawsuit, collect on debts or accounts receivable, or recover a stolen business opportunity, Attorney West Seattle offers advanced strategies and personalized care to serve your business litigation needs. As experienced small business counsel and trial attorneys, our expertise in litigation can give you the upper hand.

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